Observing Rain from Local Trains © Souradeep Roy

The  trees  acquire  immense  shadows
As  they  fall  into  pools
Pricked  by  plentiful  pleasant  pinsSTOCK PHOTO - WOMAN
Of  the  first  monsoon  rains.

The  observer  standing
On  the  ‘strictly  prohibited’  foot  board
Watches  in  bewilderment
The  uninterrupted  lines  of  rain
Zoom  across  the
Half  opened  mouths  of  compartments,
Like  arrows  of  stretched  water  droplets
Released  from  the  wind’s  bow,

A  sea  of  human  faces
Willingly  let  the  train  devour  them
As  fast  serpents
Trail  the  stations  of  men.

Souradeep Roy

Roy is currently in his third year of English literature at the Scottish Church College, Kolkata, West Bengal. Apart from writing poems, he is involved with the Bengali Group Theatre spending years under the tutelage of the late thespian Rama Prasad Banik. Roy’s poems have been published (and awaits publication) in numerous anthologies and journals worldwide including: Static Poetry III, Celebrating India, Spectral Lines, Magnapoets, Issue 9, Blackmail Press, Foliate Oak, Riverbabble 21, and Wordland.

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