Submitting to Sinister Guru (formerly Femficātiō)

Sinister Guru is a progressive literary & cultural rag with great writing, art, articles, editorials, political and cultural commentary shown in a whole new light.

Submissions of poetry, prose, articles, satire, photography, art, interviews, reviews, cartoons, and anything else relevant to

Kamaria Muntu, Editor of Sinister Guru:

Send with your submission:

1. Short (50-400 character) bio inclusive of publication credits
3. contactable email address

Simultaneous submissions accepted. Previously published accepted. Multiple submissions accepted. And if your work isn’t accepted, just submit again.


3-6 poems, no more than 60 lines, single spaced. Any form or style, but it must stand on the page. Post in the body of the email or attach as doc, docx, rtf or pdf.


1,000 to 8,000 words, double spaced, attached as a doc, docx, rtf or pdf. Micro-fiction of under 1,000 words also accepted.


500-3,000 words, double spaced with citations. Attached as a doc, docx, rtf or pdf. See below:


Books, cinema, music and anything else. 750-1500 words.


Poetry, articles, essays, letters – any satirical piece, well-written and well-crafted about current affairs. Submit 250-1,000 words (if poems, submit 1-3 poems). Attach as doc, docx, rtf or pdf.


3-5 jpegs with descriptions and relevant artistic details. We reserve the right to team your photography with articles. You maintain the rights to your work.


3-5 jpegs with descriptions and relevant artistic details. We reserve the right to team your art with articles. Cross-genre also accepted. You maintain the rights to your work.


Shorts, no more than 15 minutes with inspiration and film details. We take links and also wmv video. Must be original.


Someone famous, an author or your mom – we just want an interesting, creative and avant garde take on a person’s life. 750-3,000 words.


1-3 jpegs with inspiration and artistic details. Social criticism or just sketches about your funny cat – we’d like to see it all

Submissions and Author’s Rights
1. The legals: By submitting to Femficatio, you reserve and assert your moral rights to be identified as the Author of your submission. Such rights are asserted under the Publication Rights of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act of 1988,  Chapter IV sections 77-89. This includes all your other moral rights arising under the Act and, so far as is legally possible, any broadly equivalent rights you may have in any territory of the world. In essence, you retain the rights to your work, we just have the right to present it.

2. We like well written articles and literature. You don’t have to be known, just talented.

3. Writing can be in your native tongue (other than English) which is something Femficatio strongly encourages, accompanied with an English translation. We do seek independent translation to ensure content, so it may take some weeks for your article to post (if the language is uncommon). You are free to post elsewhere while you wait. We do not currently accept translations of work other than your own.

4. We will edit your work with respect to grammar and structure if necessary, and by submitting to Femficatio you agree to this. You retain the rights to your work as the author, and by submitting you give us only the rights to publish if accepted (see number 1).

5. We favour submissions of any genre (articles, satire, art and the like) from creative writers. If you are unpublished in creative writing, it would benefit you to submit a piece of creative writing so we understand your writing process.

6. Simultaneous submissions acceptable. Links to your article are also acceptable. If submitting a cartoon, please always submit a jpeg as links will not be acceptable.

7. And be patient, its only a few of us. Allow up to 3-6 months for a response. Email us for updates if you’ve been published elsewhere in the meantime.